Ufodo Visit

For the past 5 years, PFF has held educational camps in Ufodo Enugu State. This Visit usually occurs every summer.


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Leadership Training

This is an in-person PFF training for students in Nigerian universities. The last PFF Leadership training was held at Obafemi Awolowo University Ileife Osun State.

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Monthly Seminars

Our monthly seminars continue as usual. We hosted the last version for the year on Saturday 9th December 2023. One of our volunteers Mustapha Abisola was the speaker for the event. Our next installment for the PFF monthly seminars will hold on the 21st of January 2023.

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PFF International Leadership Bootcamp 2024!!

Win $100 for a Community Impact Project with the Precious Fountain Foundation!

Are you passionate about making a difference in your community? Don’t miss the chance to participate in the Precious Fountain Foundation International Leadership Bootcamp 3.0!

Theme: Building Resilient Capacity as a 21st Century Leader
Date: May 28 – June 1, 2024

Exciting Perks:
Leadership Certificate: Receive a prestigious certificate of leadership.
$100 Impact Fund: Win a $100 fund to support your community project.

Topics Covered:
Leadership and Resilience: Understanding the connection.
Why Build Resilience? The importance of resilience in leadership.
Skills for Building Resilient Capacity: Essential skillsets for leaders.
Examples of Resilient Leaders: Learning from real-world models.
Event Planning: Training on setting up leadership events in your area.
Join us to learn from the best, expand your network, get certified, and potentially win a $100 impact fund for your project.

Register now: https://forms.gle/Ds2wC7arHFJ6SRYv7

See you soon on Zoom!

PFF Essay Competition

Are you a creative writer with a knack for crafting inspirational pieces? Here’s your chance to shine!

Precious Fountain Foundation
 is excited to announce an essay competition on the theme: “Resilience: A Key to Success.”

Important Guidelines:
Originality is KeyEnsure your essay is 100% original. We will use advanced AI detection tools to verify authenticity.
Word Limit: Your essay should be under 1,000 words and must effectively address the theme.
Submission Format: Name your essay as follows: Name PFF AEC (e.g., Fajobi Debs PFF AEC).
Eligibility: Open to students currently enrolled in higher education institutions.
Formatting Requirements: Submit your essay as a Word document, using Times New Roman, font size 12.

Submission Deadline: June 1, 2024, at 11:59 PM West African Time.

Send your entries to: preciousfountainfoundation@gmail.com.

We eagerly await your inspiring and thoughtful essays! Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your talent and win the Sopuruchi Creative Writing Prize worth $100!!

WAEC/School Fees Payment Support

PFF maintains an anonymous list of students who need financial support. At the moment, we have 20 students who need help with paying for their WASCCE and/or tuition. Private discussions are made with donors if they want more information on any student they need to support.

How you can support this project:

  • Pray for PFF to be successful in raising funds for students in financial need.
  • Tell people who desire to support students in financial need.
  • Donate towards a specific student.Acct. Name: Precious Fountain Foundation

    Acct. Number: 4947793019

    Bank: FCMB

    (Kindly tag the donation as WAEC/School fees payment)

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Townhall for Nigerians in the Diaspora

This is a town-hall specific to Nigeria that PFF will be hosting towards the Nigerian elections. This town-hall will be specifically addressing politics and education as tools for nation-building from the perspectives of Nigerians in the diaspora.

Theme: How Diaspora Nigerians can contribute to nation-building.

Time: 8 pm daily on Twitter Space and Zoom.

Dates: 30 and 31st January 2023.

Click here to register for this event


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Elder Mentorship Project

The PFF Elder Mentorship Project is designed to bridge the gap between younger people and elders in the community. This project will secure speaking slots in select Nigerian schools where elders will be able to speak to the students on important tips for success and navigating life in Nigeria.

Where: This project will take place in Ileife Osun, Ibadan, and Anambra States.

Start date: January 2023.

How you can support this project

  1. Pray
  2. GiveAcct. Name: Precious Fountain FoundationAcct. Number: 4947793019

    Bank: FCMB

    (Donations made towards this cause should be designated ‘PFF Mentorship Project’).

  3. Recommend communities in Nigeria that need this project.
  4. Recommend elders whom you think can participate in this project.

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Build A School Project

PFF plans to set up a school that will provide education free of charge in the rural community of Ufodo in Nsukka Enugu state. This school will function as a magnet school and will also be providing special classes for children and members of the public who desire to learn how to read or do simple arithmetic. This project is delivered in partnership with the local community.
We are still working out the modalities for this intervention. Please keep visiting this page for more information.

Digitize Education in the North Project

This project has been created to meet the need for education in communities orphaned by the high rate
of insurgency in Northern Nigeria. PFF has identified this significant need and is working with NGOs
providing education on the ground to rectify this problem threatening Nigeria’s future.

The Plan
We intend to digitize education in schools run by these NGOs. So far, we have identified 5 of these
schools working among different northern communities. Our plan is to provide each of these schools
with 2 laptops, a projector and an electric generating set. Providing this will enable these schools to
utilize pre-recorded and live videos during lesson times. Interested people, on the basis of this, can
volunteer to teach online or record lessons which can be used in teaching these children. PFF has
secured partnerships with Nation Spring Mission, and Flintweb Global Resources to enable the
successful execution of this project. However, we still need your help.
Will you help us?

Items we need:

A) 10 fairly used laptops valued at N150, 000 each= N1,500,000.

B) 5 Modems and Wi-Fi material: N250, 000

C) 10 Generators valued at N80,000 each: N800, 000
Total: N2,550,000

What you can do:

1. Pray that God will bless this drive.

2. Share this information with friends in your circle.

3. Donate any used laptop you can.

4. Donate financially to this drive.
How you can help financially

A) You can donate N1000 (One thousand naira) to this cause. If 2,550 people donate N1000 each, we
will be able to meet this target of N2,550,000.
B) You can donate N10,000. If 255 people donate N10,000, we will be able to meet this target of
C) You can donate N100,000. If 26 people donate N100,000k, we will be able to meet this target of

All support should be sent to:
Acct. Name: Precious Fountain Foundation
Acct. Number: 4947793019
Bank: FCMB

You can contact PFF by sending us a DM on Facebook and Instagram @ Precious Fountain Foundation,
or, on Twitter @PFFNigeria for further information.