Precious Fountain Foundation International Leadership Bootcamp 2023

 The life we dream of, the future we hope for, and the change we want to make, all rest on one thing; that is LEADERSHIP. Leadership, therefore, becomes necessary for every man and woman, everywhere and anytime.

The PFF International Leadership Bootcamp is created to nurture leaders who will become the light of the world through an adoption and utilization of their leadership potential. The goal of this bootcamp is to birth and drive positive change in the participant’s community.

You can register for the bootcamp here

Theme: The making of a 21st Century Leader

This bootcamp seeks to bring together and teach young people 21st century leadership skills and to transform these young people into nationbuilders. This shall be done by:
• Training participants to become leaders, and
• Training participants who understand their place as leaders, how to train other leaders.

1) This training will hold daily from the 10th to 13th May, 2023 at 05:00pm – 07:00 pm West African Time.
2) The training will be virtually conducted via Zoom.
3) The meeting will start on the 10th and run till the 13th of May 2023.
4) Participants are to attend all the sessions in order to get a better understanding and get a certificate. All the topics are interconnected and flow from the main theme.
5) Certificates shall be awarded to participants who complete a 10% attendance.
6) At the end of the bootcamp, 3 outstanding participants will win an impact fund worth $100. This will go towards setting up a PFF Leadership event in their community.
7) Registration for the training is free and compulsory.

In case you missed the first link, you can also register through this link:

PFF Call for Articles and Opportunity to win the Sopuruchi Creative Writing of $100!!!

Precious Fountain Foundation is inviting authors from all over the world to submit articles that will be judged for the grand price of $100!!!

Articles must address the theme of the competition and conform to the word count.

Word Count: 500words minimum, 700 words maximum.


1) Winner: Sopuruchi Creative Writing Prize of $100 and publication of article on the PFF Blog.
2) First Runner cash prize of $50 and publication of the article on PFF Blog.
3) Second Runner up: Publication of article on the PFF Blog.

Submission Deadline: 23 April 2023.

Timeline of the Competition:
Authors should submit articles to PFF at

Articles will be received continuously until the 23 April 2023.

One week after the deadline precisely by 30 April 2023, Judges will notify the best ten authors that successfully qualify for the next stage via email.

You have what it takes to be the next Sopuruchi Creative Writing Prize Winner!!! Submit your article today!
Student authors will be prioritized!

PFF 2-Day Townhall for Diaspora Nigerians

Precious Fountain Foundation invites you to a 2 day online townhall on the Nigerian disapora contribution to nation building.
A Blessing or a Curse?
Date: 10th-11th February
Time: 8pm
Venue: Twitter Space
If you are a  Nigerian outside Nigeria, or Nigerian in Nigeria willing to contribute to conversations on disapora.  nation-building, then you must register for this townhall!
Please register through the link below
Don’t miss out!

Africans in BC Town Hall: How the African diaspora can contribute to the development of the continent

Precious Fountain Foundation (PFF) and the Lui Institute Network for Africa (LINA UBC) in partnership
with UBC Connects at Robson Square invites you to this special end-of-year townhall for diaspora
Africans living in British Columbia.

Theme: How Diaspora Africans can contribute to the development of the continent.
Time: 11-2 pm on the 17th of December 2022
Venue: 800 Robson Street Downtown BC V6E 3Z6

Highlights of the event:
Keynote address
Panel discussions
Question and Answer session.

There will be food, opportunities for networking and many other attractions.
Please register through this link:

PFF Africa Impact Bootcamp (AIB)

The Africa Impact Bootcamp (AIB) is an effort by PFF to raise the next generation of leaders across Africa.
This project will be training young people from across Africa who will in turn be able to train others. Participants who conclude the training will be commissioned as PFF Ambassadors, armed with the required skillset necessary for designing courses on Leadership, Interpersonal Relationship and any other subject of their choice.

This Bootcamp will focus on the theme – Leadership. The participants will be tasked with the responsibility of identifying a group of young people in their community who they will train on leadership.

Africa is a continent where 60% of persons living in it are below the age of 25. Becoming a PFF Ambassador empowers you to become one of the emerging leaders on the continent. You will also be a catalyst to the rise of other young leaders on the continent. You definitely have what it takes.

Do you want to be a PFF Ambassador and stand a chance of winning a $100 fund towards an event of your choice?


Here’s what to do:
  • Fill this Google Form.
  • You will be added to a WhatsApp group for registered participants. Network with other participants across Africa.
  • Ensure to keep the dates 13th – 16th April 2022 open!
Skills the Ambassadors will learn from this Bootcamp:
  • Proposal Writing: After the training, the PFF Ambassadors should be able to create proposals which they will submit to schools around them requesting permission to train their leaders.
  • Public Speaking: The PFF Ambassadors should be able to speak to gatherings of young people irrespective of the population in attendance. Speech modulation, rhetoric and ability to use lively engaging examples are part of the expectations for this skill.
  • Creating Speaking Outlines: Part of the skills to be learnt here include learning how to do preliminary research, jotting down speaking points, making of PowerPoint slides and other skills necessary for a speaker before Public Speaking.
  • Report writing: It is expected that Ambassadors should be able to design events, draw up letters requesting permission to speak from schools and measure the impact of their engagement.


Training Fees to be Paid by participants:

Early birds: Free

Late registration (starting from the 9th of April 2022): $5

Participants who conclude the Bootcamp will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Topics to be covered in the training:

Day One

  • Content Creation.

Day Two

  • Preliminary Online Research.
  • Writing Proposals for School Outreaches.

Day Three

4)   Public Speaking.

5) Generating Reports from Outreaches.

Day Four

6) Self-discovery, Understanding Purpose, and Commissioning.


Date: 13th – 16th April 2022
Venue:  Zoom
Time: 6-8pm West African Time

How to Access International Scholarships

Do you want to study overseas on scholarship?
Do you want a simple, straightforward explanation of the different scholarships available for Nigerians and how you can access them?
Would you like to be supported in writing letters of motivation, letters of need or other documents fundamental for these admissions?

You are very lucky to be reading this now…

Precious Fountain Foundation (PFF) will be teaching you the different pathways to accessing overseas scholarships in Nigeria.

You will meet people who have gotten these scholarships and you’ll have first hand experience of learning from them how you too can get your scholarship.

Date: 18th-20th December, 2020.

Breakdown of courses:

18th: Accessing Commonwealth and other British Government sponsorships.
19th: Accessing Canadian scholarships.
20th: Accessing Nigerian based scholarships for international studies.

This amazing opportunity is FREE and available slots are limited.

Note: All three sessions will take place on zoom by 7-8pm daily.


Click on the link NOW to lock in your spot:

The Ufodo Mission 2020

On the 17th of September, 2020, Precious Fountain Foundation shared 100 books and writing materials to kids in Ufodo-Nsukka, Nigeria.

You made it possible.

Thank you.

You can check out pictures taken at the event by clicking on this link:

PFF Back to School Project, Ufodo


Ufodo is a rural community in Enugu-Ezike in Nsukka Enugu State. Amidst the challenges of lack of access to clean drinking water, a dilapidated health center, hawking to assist their parents provide for the family, and other characteristic problems of rural Nigerian communities, Children in Ufodo have very limited acess to quality education, standard educational facilities and stationery.

Precious Fountain Foundation (PFF), as an NGO dedicated to providing educational intervention services in defective areas of Nigerian education, has decided to tackle some of these problems that undermine access to quality education in this community. This we intend to achieve with the Back To School Project.


Precious Fountain Foundation(PFF) has over the past four years organised a Holiday Camp for children in Ufodo, Enugu-Ezike in partnership with Christ True Mission Church, an indigenous denomination popular among rural Igbo communities .
The nature of this Holiday Camp is such that PFF organises educational interventions in Arithmetic and Reading in an effort to improve the ability of this children to read and do simple calculations. There are over 150 children who attend these camps. At the end of each Holiday Camp, scholarships are awarded to deserving students who excel during the camp.
This year, PFF will be taking this initiative a step further. These students, most of whom come from very low income households will be resuming the new session amidst a lot of difficulties. COVID-19 and the attendant lockdown measures in Nigeria have disproportionately affected their parents who are the major, and most times, the only source of educational funding for these children.

PFF has decided to intervene this time with this project that aims to provide school bags and books for these children. The entire budget for providing 150 school bags and 150 dozens of books for these children is N900,000.

You can support PFF to achieve this through any of these means:
1) Donating N3000 or above. (300 people who donate N3000 will help us meet our target).
2) Sharing posts on this project on social media. Someone who may want to be a partner to this may find this information through you.
3) Donating school bags or books that you have. (We have volunteers all over Nigeria who can receive in-kind donations.) Kindly let us know if you intend to donate in kind by inboxing our social media channels, or sending us an email.

Once you make a donation, kindly inbox PFF through:
IG or Facebook @PreciousFountainfoundation;
Or send us a mail:

You could also click on this Gofund me link to give:

We’ll acknowledge your donation and update you on how your funds are being disbursed.
We believe it is possible to achieve this goal of providing these materials to the Ufodo children. We look forward to these children resuming school with the materials you helped in providing for them.

Getting into the UK Legal Practice from Nigeria

This is a one day seminar for people who’re interested in learning how to become part of the Legal Practice in the UK.
Intended participants :
1) Lawyers who are currently Practising
2) Law students in the Law school for a BL.
3) Intending lawyers who’re in the final years of LLB.
4) Any other interested participant.

This opportunity is free for the first 20 persons to register.
Register by clicking on this link:

Handling Anxiety in this Pandemic

*Steps to take to be part of the Zoom conference*

1. Click on the link shared on the group page. Hurry it’s just 50 slots available.

2. Fill the necessary information on the form

3. Only those with correct email addresses imputed would have the details of the event sent to them.

4. On the day of the event, make sure you turn off your microphone until the speaker tells you otherwise.

Thank you