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PFF Africa Impact Bootcamp (AIB)

Date: 13th - 16th April
Venue: Zoom
The Africa Impact Bootcamp (AIB) is an effort by PFF to raise the next generation of leaders across Africa.
This project will be training young people from across Africa who will in turn be able to train others. Participants who conclude the training will be commissioned as PFF Ambassadors, armed with the required skillset necessary for designing courses on Leadership, Interpersonal Relationship and any other subject of their choice.

This Bootcamp will focus on the theme – Leadership. The participants will be tasked with the responsibility of identifying a group of young people in their community who they will train on leadership.

Africa is a continent where 60% of persons living in it are below the age of 25. Becoming a PFF Ambassador empowers you to become one of the emerging leaders on the continent. You will also be a catalyst to the rise of other young leaders on the continent. You definitely have what it takes.

Do you want to be a PFF Ambassador and stand a chance of winning a $100 fund towards an event of your choice?


Here’s what to do:
  • Fill this Google Form.
  • You will be added to a WhatsApp group for registered participants. Network with other participants across Africa.
  • Ensure to keep the dates 13th – 16th April 2022 open!
Skills the Ambassadors will learn from this Bootcamp:
  • Proposal Writing: After the training, the PFF Ambassadors should be able to create proposals which they will submit to schools around them requesting permission to train their leaders.
  • Public Speaking: The PFF Ambassadors should be able to speak to gatherings of young people irrespective of the population in attendance. Speech modulation, rhetoric and ability to use lively engaging examples are part of the expectations for this skill.
  • Creating Speaking Outlines: Part of the skills to be learnt here include learning how to do preliminary research, jotting down speaking points, making of PowerPoint slides and other skills necessary for a speaker before Public Speaking.
  • Report writing: It is expected that Ambassadors should be able to design events, draw up letters requesting permission to speak from schools and measure the impact of their engagement.


Training Fees to be Paid by participants:

Early birds: Free

Late registration (starting from the 9th of April 2022): $5

Participants who conclude the Bootcamp will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Topics to be covered in the training:

Day One

  • Content Creation.

Day Two

  • Preliminary Online Research.
  • Writing Proposals for School Outreaches.

Day Three

4)   Public Speaking.

5) Generating Reports from Outreaches.

Day Four

6) Self-discovery, Understanding Purpose, and Commissioning.


Date: 13th – 16th April 2022
Venue:  Zoom
Time: 6-8pm West African Time