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PFF Back to School, Ufodo


Ufodo is a rural community in Enugu-Ezike in Nsukka Enugu State. Amidst the challenges of lack of access to clean drinking water, a dilapidated health center, hawking to assist their parents provide for the family, and other characteristic problems of rural Nigerian communities, Children in Ufodo have very limited acess to quality education, standard educational facilities and stationery.

Precious Fountain Foundation (PFF), as an NGO dedicated to providing educational intervention services in defective areas of Nigerian education, has decided to tackle some of these problems that undermine access to quality education in this community. This we intend to achieve with the Back To School Project.


Precious Fountain Foundation(PFF) has over the past four years organised a Holiday Camp for children in Ufodo, Enugu-Ezike in partnership with Christ True Mission Church, an indigenous denomination popular among rural Igbo communities .
The nature of this Holiday Camp is such that PFF organises educational interventions in Arithmetic and Reading in an effort to improve the ability of this children to read and do simple calculations. There are over 150 children who attend these camps. At the end of each Holiday Camp, scholarships are awarded to deserving students who excel during the camp.
This year, PFF will be taking this initiative a step further. These students, most of whom come from very low income households will be resuming the new session amidst a lot of difficulties. COVID-19 and the attendant lockdown measures in Nigeria have disproportionately affected their parents who are the major, and most times, the only source of educational funding for these children.

PFF has decided to intervene this time with this project that aims to provide school bags and books for these children. The entire budget for providing 150 school bags and 150 dozens of books for these children is N900,000.

You can support PFF to achieve this through any of these means:
1) Donating N3000 or above. (300 people who donate N3000 will help us meet our target).
2) Sharing posts on this project on social media. Someone who may want to be a partner to this may find this information through you.
3) Donating school bags or books that you have. (We have volunteers all over Nigeria who can receive in-kind donations.) Kindly let us know if you intend to donate in kind by inboxing our social media channels, or sending us an email.

Once you make a donation, kindly inbox PFF through:
IG or Facebook @PreciousFountainfoundation;
Or send us a mail:

You could also click on this Gofund me link to give:

We’ll acknowledge your donation and update you on how your funds are being disbursed.
We believe it is possible to achieve this goal of providing these materials to the Ufodo children. We look forward to these children resuming school with the materials you helped in providing for them.

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