Oyinkansola Akeem

Oyinkansola, a fiction writer and student at Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife, is deeply committed to empowering fellow young people. Her work with the Precious Fountain Foundation (PFF) aims to illuminate a path for the future generation. As the program manager for PFF’s Monthly Seminars, she collaborates with Jenniffer Abiola to create impactful events.

Oyinkansola’s motivation and ability to inspire others stem from her unwavering dedication. She encourages young individuals to make informed decisions for their future. Her major inspiration lies in Professor Olusegun Fatusi, whose mentorship continues to shape her journey.

Christian Sopuruchi

Sopuruchi effortlessly wears many hats. As the President of the Precious Fountain Foundation (PFF), he champions leadership development among young people in developing countries. Simultaneously, he serves as a professor at OP Jindal University, imparting knowledge and shaping minds and is a PhD student.

Sopuruchi’s academic pursuits take him across continents. He divides his time between Nigeria and Canada, where he pursues a PhD at the University of British Columbia. His dedication extends to family—he is married to Iyanuoluwa and is a proud father to the delightful Onyinyechi.  Under his leadership, PFF has flourished and is poised to leave an indelible mark on developing nations worldwide. Sopuruchi’s unwavering commitment to growth and impact is evident in the dynamic PFF team and the commitment they bring to changing the world.

Ojo Samson Oladipupo

Born into the Ojo family in Ibadan, Nigeria, I am the youngest of four siblings—two girls and two boys. My childhood dream of becoming a pediatrician was fueled by my love for children. However, my academic journey led me down a different path—to study Food Science and Technology at Obafemi Awolowo University (O.A.U.).

Beyond academics, I have actively served in various roles. As the media director for the African Development and Empowerment Foundation, I harnessed my skills to make a positive impact. Yet, my most fulfilling role has been as a volunteer with the Precious Fountain Foundation (PFF). Here, I co-planned the “Know Your Future from Now” project, empowering students to make informed decisions. Witnessing the impact of mentorship on young minds has been truly rewarding.

My life principles—preparedness and faith—guide me. I believe in being ready for uncertainty, leaving nothing to chance. Family remains my anchor, regardless of circumstances. Balancing my passion for photography, football, movies, and sleep keeps me centered. Financially, photography sustains me, while other interests lighten my mood.

In summary, my journey from passion to purpose has shaped my commitment to education, mentorship, and resilience.

Shalom .C Anya

Shalom C. Anya, originally from Abia State, Nigeria, holds a degree in Education English from the University of Nigeria. Her teaching experiences have exposed her to the demands of the Nigerian educational system. Passionate about education, language, and technology (including Cyber Security), she is currently fulfilling her compulsory one-year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Akwa Ibom State, where she works as a secondary school teacher for K12 students.

Noticing a gap in the school system within her community, Shalom became a volunteer at the Precious Fountain Foundation (PFF), serving as a Content Writer. An avid reader, she delves into stories to enrich her perspective and share best practices with her students and colleagues. Her interests extend to lifelong learning, financial literacy, and student development.

Outside of work, Shalom enjoys writing, playing Scrabble or badminton, and exploring different cuisines. As the Secretary General of her CDS group, she hones her time management, critical thinking, team-building, communication, and advocacy skills. Through this role, she champions academic initiatives that empower students beyond the classroom. As a PFF volunteer, Shalom collaborates on a leadership development project for undergraduates. Her inspirations include her parents, Daddy Gbile Akanni, the Peace House Team, ESV & Barr. Chukwuocha, Pst. & Mrs. Felix Obikwelu, Ben Carson, Myles Munroe, Bishop Oyedepo, and Patience Masua. From them, she has learned valuable lessons in character development, purposeful living, diligence, grit, faith, and courageous living as a young person.

Fajobi Deborah

Fajobi Deborah Eniola, born in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria, initially aspired to become a doctor and later considered a career as a pharmacist. She attended Pearl Preparatory School for her primary education and Ambassadors College for her secondary education, both in Ile-Ife, Osun State. Currently, she is a Food Science and Technology student at Obafemi Awolowo University (O.A.U.) and is venturing into the marketing world as a newbie.

As an active health volunteer and Precious Fountain Foundation (PFF) volunteer, Deborah faces challenges head-on. Transitioning to a new career path and balancing academic life with other responsibilities have been significant hurdles. Her interests span a wide range, and she finds inspiration in everything she encounters. Deborah co-planned the PFF Summer School (Ufodo) project, demonstrating her commitment to community impact. Her favorite motto—“At the end, it will all be fine”—reflects her resilience. Her role model is her mother, a superwoman who excels in managing multiple responsibilities while selflessly serving the community.

Abiola Oluwakemi Jennie

Jennie, an undergraduate from Ekpedo in Akoko-Edo, Edo State, Nigeria, was born and raised in Awka, Anambra State. As the first child of five, she attended Gospel Voice Primary School and Community Secondary School Agulu Awka. Currently a finalist in the Department of Human Physiology at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, College of Health Sciences in Otolo Nnewi, Anambra State, she aspires to specialize in Surgical Neurophysiology.

Jennie’s journey includes volunteering at the Precious Fountain Foundation since 2022, where she co-manages the monthly PFF Seminar Series. Her interests span non-fictional books, self-improvement, music, art, acting, science, cooking, stoicism, and human psychology. Inspired by Epictetus, she values discipline and self-management. Her favorite quote—“Opportunity Wastes no Time with Those Who are Unprepared”—echoes the wisdom of the richest man in Babylon.

Motunrayo Apanpa

Apanpa Motunrayo Abisola, born in Ife, initially aspired to become a psychiatrist. Currently studying Medical Rehabilitation at Obafemi Awolowo University (O.A.U), she learns valuable lessons in discipline and time management. Passionate about studying and content creation, she takes pride in her persistence. Balancing both sides of her career, she contributes creatively to the Precious Fountain Foundation (PFF).

Despite disappointments and phone shutdowns, she remains steadfast. Photography and video editing captivate her, allowing her to document precious memories. Notably, she co-planned and executed the PFF 2023 Secondary School Outreach, “See Your Future from Now 1.0.” Her favorite quotes—“NEVER GIVE UP” and “You’re too surrounded to be stranded”—fuel her determination. Pastor Toluwani Odukoya serves as her spiritual and emotional role model, while Dr. Ibukun Awosika inspires her in business considering her strength and humility.

Olamide Oladosu

Olamide, born in Ibadan, initially aspired to become a pediatrician due to her love for children. However, her path led her to study Psychology, which has profoundly shaped her understanding of people. With an objective view, she comprehends the reasons behind human behavior. Her administration skills have found expression at the Precious Fountain Foundation (PFF), where she takes on projects and hones her teamwork abilities.

Graduating with a first-class degree in Psychology from Obafemi Awolowo University, Olamide now serves her nation while working as an HR/Administrative Assistant at Havilah Nation. Her proudest achievement? Graduating as the Best Graduating Student in her department. As a PFF volunteer, she embraces challenges as stepping stones or opportunities for reevaluation.

Olamide’s passion lies in witnessing growth and preparing for opportunities even before they arise. She enjoys reading, singing, dancing, and meeting new people. Anchoring PFF seminars and contributing to the African Women Leadership Forum project, she lives by the motto: “Giving up is never an option.” Dr. Titilayo Aladesanmi inspires her, exemplifying excellence and balance in all areas of life.

Barnabas Jojola

Barnabas is a dedicated advocate for youth development and education. Within the Precious Fountain Foundation (PFF), he has flourished and now leads research initiatives. His involvement extends to projects like the Rural Education Project, where he makes a meaningful impact on young children and teenagers. As a Microbiology graduate from Obafemi Awolowo University, Barnabas applies himself diligently to the noble task of nation-building, one life at a time.

Samson Ojo

Samuel’s journey is a fascinating one! Born in Kogi State, Mopa Amuro Local Government Area, he spent his early years in Kaduna and now resides in Abuja. His educational path led him from nursery and primary school in Kaduna to the State Polytechnic in Zungeru, Niger State, where he pursued Applied Science with a focus on Science Laboratory Technology. Along the way, he also earned a diploma in computer studies and completed an online critical thinking course at Metropolitan University in the UK. As a teacher, Samuel has made significant contributions. He taught children in church and served as a subject teacher in secondary schools, covering subjects like mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, agriculture, and ICT. His dedication earned him recognition as the most disciplined teacher in one of the schools.

Beyond teaching, Samuel is a skilled graphics designer. His dislike for seeing people in need drives him to manage his finances wisely and save even small amounts. Adventurous and curious, he enjoys learning new things and has a passion for football, political discussions, and reading.  His favorite quote—“Believe in whatever you always have in mind; there’s always a result from it”—reflects his positive outlook. Dr. Gideon Oyedeji and Israel Gampiya serve as his inspirations, demonstrating unwavering commitment to achieving their goals. Their dedication resonates with Samuel as he continues to give his best in all endeavors.