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Olamide Oladosu

Olamide, born in Ibadan, initially aspired to become a pediatrician due to her love for children. However, her path led her to study Psychology, which has profoundly shaped her understanding of people. With an objective view, she comprehends the reasons behind human behavior. Her administration skills have found expression at the Precious Fountain Foundation (PFF), where she takes on projects and hones her teamwork abilities.

Graduating with a first-class degree in Psychology from Obafemi Awolowo University, Olamide now serves her nation while working as an HR/Administrative Assistant at Havilah Nation. Her proudest achievement? Graduating as the Best Graduating Student in her department. As a PFF volunteer, she embraces challenges as stepping stones or opportunities for reevaluation.

Olamide’s passion lies in witnessing growth and preparing for opportunities even before they arise. She enjoys reading, singing, dancing, and meeting new people. Anchoring PFF seminars and contributing to the African Women Leadership Forum project, she lives by the motto: “Giving up is never an option.” Dr. Titilayo Aladesanmi inspires her, exemplifying excellence and balance in all areas of life.