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Ojo Samson Oladipupo

Born into the Ojo family in Ibadan, Nigeria, I am the youngest of four siblings—two girls and two boys. My childhood dream of becoming a pediatrician was fueled by my love for children. However, my academic journey led me down a different path—to study Food Science and Technology at Obafemi Awolowo University (O.A.U.).

Beyond academics, I have actively served in various roles. As the media director for the African Development and Empowerment Foundation, I harnessed my skills to make a positive impact. Yet, my most fulfilling role has been as a volunteer with the Precious Fountain Foundation (PFF). Here, I co-planned the “Know Your Future from Now” project, empowering students to make informed decisions. Witnessing the impact of mentorship on young minds has been truly rewarding.

My life principles—preparedness and faith—guide me. I believe in being ready for uncertainty, leaving nothing to chance. Family remains my anchor, regardless of circumstances. Balancing my passion for photography, football, movies, and sleep keeps me centered. Financially, photography sustains me, while other interests lighten my mood.

In summary, my journey from passion to purpose has shaped my commitment to education, mentorship, and resilience.