The feeling of confusion that plagues you time and time again, it comes and goes leaving you exhausted most of the time, but with a short-time window of some clarity when you feel like you can smash your goals, start that business, complete that course in 1 week, or even graduate with a first class upper! Then you are back to feeling confused, maybe even sad when you see someone doing ‘Doings’ and it seems like they have it all together and you think to yourself ‘I want that’.
That feeling! You see that feeling… Did I describe it properly enough for you? Were you nodding your head as you read that paragraph? Did I explain it properly? Could you relate? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then let me announce to you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE in it.
If you are wondering how I know this so well, I was feeling confused very recently, I opened up to a few amazing people God brought my way and who seem to have it all together. In a nutshell, I discovered that no one ever really has it all together and I learned a few lessons I will share with you.
First, let it dawn on you and sink into your subconscious that you are not alone. How you are feeling is not anything new, it is not foreign, someone has been where you are and they have moved on to do great. It probably won’t be the last time you’ll feel this way too so stop stressing!

Next, Be Strategic. Do you have a plan? Have you tried to create plans? If you have not, or have tried without success, what have been your stumbling blocks? Do you have varying interests? Can your interests be streamlined or do they contradict each other? In case of contradicting interests, try to group them and create plans towards an end goal for each group. This will help you be more focused as you have identified what you will need to do to achieve your goal. Make sure that each task or activity puts you in position to achieve the next activity and the end goal as a whole.

Finally! And this tip was common to all the people I spoke with. Pick one thing and get it done. I’m bringing you back to the beginning of your plan. That first thing you need to do to achieve your end goal? Do it, review its effect, and move on to the next activity. Be committed to the hard work you have to put in to hone your craft, perfect a skill and achieve your goals. Play your part and let God play his! In no time, you would look back, see how far you have come, and with pride, you will celebrate the success of your achievements.

A few other helpful tips would be to outline your values, as they’ll serve as a sort of moral compass to guide you in each step you take. Celebrate your wins every step of the way and internalize positivity. There is way too much bad in our world today, but there’s plenty good too. For your mental wellbeing, I advise you to be intentional about being positive and rest when you need to. After all, you can only enjoy the fruits of your labor when you are alive. Lastly, believe you have the capacity to bring your dreams to fruition. As you get to work I hope you achieve your goals and speedily too.

If your answer to my questions in paragraph 2 is no, then accept my congratulations but before then, I would like to ask you why? If you cannot relate to ever being confused, is it because you have it all figured out or you just cannot be bothered to care? If you have it all figured out, then, my congratulations are for you, you’re doing well! You’re in a good place. Share your knowledge with someone so they can be in a good place too.

If, on the other hand, you just cannot be bothered to care, then all is not well, and unless you have everything sorted for life like a trust fund kid, there’s a problem you need to identify and solve. Either ways, you’re still not alone. Open up to be helped and you’d be surprised to find other people who have being where you are and are willing to help.

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  1. Awesome!!!!
    This really speaks to a lot of people. More power to your elbow

  2. This really speaks a lot to people.
    More power to your elbow.

  3. This will be a trail blazer by His grace!!!

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