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The Susan’s Story

Susan is a 16 years old girl with great ambitions. She had always desired to be a successful lady and a doctor. She loved her school, family and did everything almost right.

Susan was very careful and never wanted her dreams cut short. She selected her friends and monitored her movements. Indeed she was cautious and determined to be great lady someday.

Susan was in SS1 when she started feeling lonely because all her friends left her and called her “too serious” and will always make fun and mockery at her simply because she chose to be different. She was indeed very smart and brave but with time she gradually started falling to the distractions that surrounded her. She could no longer concentrate because her classmate persuaded her to lossen up and join them. She felt she was the only one in her league with no friends and cohorts.

She thought, what if I gave Mark the attention he needed, at least he’s a good guy and all the ladies like him and he has been disturbing me to be his friend. Look at me, I am beautiful and intelligent but without any real and cool friends. I can still concentrate on my education while i try to make few friends and maybe be close to Mark, she thought.

Few months later, Susan had changed and was becoming a different version of what she used to be. It all started gradually as she thought, the change was beyond her. She had more friends and felt much happier. She was happy to be loved my Mark who was a secondary school graduate..

Susan now skipped  classes and also visited mark during weekends. Mark promised her every thing he never had but gave her butterflies in her belle with sweet words.

One faithful evening, Susan rush into the bathroom throwing up. She was not sure what was wrong with her but she had mild fever,  felt cold and weak. She assumed everything was fine. She spoke to no one.

The next day Susan open up to her best friend Sonia about what she’s feeling. Sonia was worried that her friend could be pregnant and might be in big trouble. Sonia didn’t have any solution for Susan at that point.

3 days later Susan decide to visit Mark and told him she was sick. Mark carelessly asked, what was wrong with her. She said “fever and dizziness” Mark reluctantly told her it could be malaria and she needed to start taking malaria drugs. Susan was pressed and worried and told Mark she’s not sure its malaria. Mark said OK, so then what’s wrong with you?, she said she doesn’t know but she needs a test to confirm it. Mark said okay, he gave her some money to go get tested.

The worst had happend for Susan……….

Now, Susan kept this from her parents. Only Mark and Sonia knew about the pregnancy. She came back home crying after her result came out positive. She felt angry at herself. She regrets her new self and wished she never listened to those distraction.

She spoke to mark and he said he’s not ready to be a father and that he has a big future ahead so he can’t allow her keep it. He told her she must abort it. Sonia her best friend also adviced her to abort it considering her school and what people will say. Poor Susan was so scared and even felt lonely than she ever felt few month back. She was scared for her life. She was also concern about the child in her womb and was scared to take the life of the innocent baby. The pressure was much on her and it seems the only option she had was to abort the child and move on.

After several days of crying and regret, Susan finally opened up to her mom. She told her everything and how she got herself into her situation. Mom was angry and said very bad words to Susan about the shame she had brought to their noble family. Susan was so miffed and ashamed of herself.

After some few days, she felt much better sharing with her family who were willing to support and even love her despite her conditions. She vowed to keep the baby even if Mark will not take responsibility.

This was a trying time for Susan, she was forced to leave school and take full responsibility for herself and her unborn baby. Her friends now secretly mock at her again. She was locked up and she felt bad. Some point she felt angry but she moved on.

This is Susans current situation,  she stays at home, takes care of her little brother, goes out to get firewood, cook and wash. She sees her friends going to school and making her a laughing stock.

Susan has not given up, she made a mistake, she was foolish, careless and naive. You can call Susan a lot of names. She’s now happy and confident she made the right choice. She made a sacrificed to save her child and her own life. The society will call Susan all sort of names, and laugh at her but I am happy for Susan and her decisions.

There are a lot of Susans out there, leaving in hiding and scared about what the society will say. Life has never been easy from day one for the Susan’s. So many girls, ladies and even mothers have consulted to abortion over a pregnancy they never planned for. Some point fingers at the Susan’s and say every nonsense. This accusing fingers has led many Susan’s to their early grave with words of deception leading to abortion. Some today have lost their wombs due to abortion.

If you cant keep a child in your womb then keep you dignity as a woman. You may try it the first time and call yourself lucky. You may see the pains during abortion as a normal cramp so its nothing. The dangers are not written for you to read. THERE IS NEVER A SUCCESSFUL ABORTION!! It doesn’t matter the number of abortions you have done, its time to put a stop to it. Its time to make things right.

To every girl out there that has crossed this path, that has made the right decision not to abort, I are proud of you and you will be celebrated someday. For every proud mother we are happy to know that you are still strong and moving on despite the hate, insult and period of shame you felt after all the accusing fingers. We are proud of you!!



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