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Sometime ago, I went to fetch water, I had to carry the water up because I stayed at the topmost floor. At the last step, I heard a crack from the bucket, I overlooked it thinking that I will soon get to my room where I will check it. While debating about it, just about three doors to my room, the bucket handle removed, fell on the floor. I picked up the bucket and saw that it has broken, not just broken but from the top to bottom.

When I carried this bucket to fetch, it was intact, looking durable but one thing was significant as I carried the bucket up with water, the crack, I heard of it, but instead of me to pause and check out the crack, see if there is any other way(s) I could carry the bucket, I neglected the sound until it was broken from top to bottom with all my effort and energy wasted. I didn’t want to wait, but was forced to, looked on as the water spread.

So many times, we behave like this, and often time we neglect it. We see the crack, heard and notice it, yet still forge ahead because we want to get to where we are going on time or achieve whatever it is we are doing.

The crack could be in your spiritual life, business, career, marital etc, that needs to be checked. The warnings signs are there, it’s seen on the wall calling for something to be done. It isn’t the time to overlook, it is the time to take action and see to the crack, doing what needs to be done. Don’t be in a rush or in haste, don’t say I will check it later, as the later might be too late.

The little action that could have patched up the crack was overlooked, until it gets to the point that it was totally broken. Assuming I had stopped, the damage to the bucket would have been minimal and my effort, energy conserved, yet I didn’t until I was forced to.

The action of not wanting to stop to check it out, might be the one to stop you. Before you are forced to stop, check out the crack.


  1. Amazing and insightful write up, welldone

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