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Reflections on the ASUU Strike


I’ve been at home waiting for the university strike in Nigeria to end so I can resume school. The “holiday” seems to be long and I want to use this period to get myself a good skill i can help myself with. My uncle used to tell me, “Nowadays, formal education is becoming the basics” plus the fact that my country has unemployment issues. What’s my chance of getting a good job right after school?

I think I’m becoming worried.

What else can I do then, to aid studies?

I thought of a Tech skill. I’ve always wanted to be a Techie girl.

So, I went in for an ADVENTURE in finding myself something I can do and look the treasures I found!



So far coding is becoming the most sort after skill worldwide. Imagine that. It serves a varaity of purposes that is applied in almost ANY JOB!!! Experts argue it might become a Basic life skill. Wow! Did I say something about BASICS?

Coding might take time to learn and there are different computer languages . I can start with the easiest, HTML and Java Script. I can create apps and sites and more! You want to know about the whopping earning that follows suit?



User Experience Design.

Oh I love designs.

UX designs are essential to keeping users on a website. I can do that. Wait, do you know what that means? If I’m good, a lot of companies would want me to help make customers stick to them. Do you still know what that means??? I just need to know the target, what they want, and let creativity take me to the top! Why don’t I start taking UX courses. Oh, I’m so loving this adventure. More? More!!!



Another awesome tech skill. Find me a company that wouldn’t want more site traffic. None? None!

Digital marketing is important because strong Search Engine Optimising (SEO) skills increases a company’s visibility and Web presence, leading to more site traffic, increased conversations, customers and revenue.

Can I also do this at home? It’s a tech skill. Yes!



Where did my creativity go again?

In graphic designing, good illustrative skills can come on handy and I can also start with my phone!

I would work on websites, books, posters, games, displays!.. and I’ll get to earn too. I’ll need to create eye catching Visuals so people would turn up!

Really sound like fun to me.




Mother says I’m some sort of a perfectionist, maybe this is where I find out if it’s true.

Editing is planning, co-ordinating and revising materials for publications. Easy?

Can I do that? Of course, I can! Sounds like fun and a good source of revenue for a student like me.



What do you think? Which one do I start with?

You have a skill? No? Hop in then. There’s no time to waste. Go grab yourself a skill right now. Grab yourself a treasure!


  1. this is great. ?

  2. I have this feeling that this strike has opened a who lot of us to opportunities beyond what we learn in school. We now know a lot of skills and small and medium scale income generators for both students and graduates alike.

    Speaking from a personal point of view, I think this strike really put a question in our head “Do we really need school especially in this part of the world?”

  3. Intriguing

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