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Old But Gold


The gray hair shone


Attitude still cold


All bad habits sold


She said kill any foe


That step on her toe


Many truths unfold


Life secrets she told


Shooting stars break the mold


There’s beauty in fire and coal


Gleaming with joy when retired


Grandma said build me an Empire


Cuz that is what the heart desires


She taught mom how to inquire


All the skill full needs to inspire


And set our youthful age on fire


Knowing that this generation entire


Will make the feelings of love expire


She said let’s sit round the campfire


And watch till when the sky’s Sapphire


Too much wisdom the aged acquires


Like a lifetime of a vampire


That same wisdom the young Requires


For the journey ahead is hotter than fire


Some say experience is legendary


But you must do what is necessary


The less you show, the less they know


The less you speak the more you think


We all are in the same game


Just different levels


Dealing with the same hell


Just different devils


If people looked just like their personalities


Then there will be no trace of any abnormalities


No nice in me, left with vulnerabilities


We all want to live in luxuries just like celebrities


Cutting people out with no hesitation


Doing your own thing owing no explanation


Play the victim role control every situation


If you sell by the roadside you will see many things


Watching other people, you will get many dreams


Wishing you had a life so full of luxuries


But in this case you can’t even stay away from enemies


You see some girls try to play hard to get


But some lessons are not meant to forget


If you go to the market


And break a person’s bucket


Then you put hand in your Pocket


But you can’t find your wallet


Stop that nonsense you tell your conscience


But rugged is he that took the content


A young boy of seven


Not scared to hold the AK47


But may not live long


Die at twenty seven


The high man be flexing


His colleagues not minding


Whatever is happening


Because they are already planning


For their next generations


The low guys no see light


They go still use generator


That is how it always has been


A tradition gone back generations

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