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No More Dreaming

“No more dreaming”, I had pondered on these words over and over again and also tried to understand it. To bring out the message embedded in those words… to minister to me…to minister to you…

What are dreams? I asked myself. I pondered and thought, sought for and found many definitions, but in the end I discovered that dream is a substance of our soul’s desire and that substance always focuses on the level ahead, the time ahead, the ‘future’. Dreams flames out from the desire in our heart for more. It is the place our soul wants to be in a moment other than now.

Dreams always leverage on a time frame that is seen yet by the mind alone , thereby making the body think that dreams are not meant to be worked on now, pushing it further to that infinite time of tomorrow , making it an illusion , nothing but a dream.

So I tell you, “No more dreaming”

But not in its literal sense though, for man cannot truly live without having a dream. I rather tell you in this context not to keep dreaming the dream.

So when I tell you “no more dreaming”, I mean  Take it further!, give it a life, make your dreams live and you can only do that when you come out of the circle of dreaming your dreams.

How you ask? It is quite simple; but you don’t see it because the smallest things are the easiest to overlook.

So I’ll tell you how:

Liberate your mind from the thought that your dreams are for your tomorrow. Allow your dreams live in your today. For the future is now!

When your dreams don’t live in this moment, you will dream it again and the more you live in that loop, the more you lose direction and drown in a sense of imagination.

So once you understand that your dreams need to be acted upon now, that is when you will begin to achieve your great feats. Actions and dreams are part of one golden coin. If you make only one part exist, you will have a nonexistent golden coin that will fetch you nothing.

No more dreaming your dreams!

Come out of it, act on them now!

No more dreaming!

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