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Motivation piece

If only a motivational speech could deliver us from the harsh reality of the world we live in. If a speech was all it took to bring life to the skeleton our country has become, what a happy day that would be. But alas, it is not so.
When you are a child, you can’t wait to grow up. You can’t wait to explore what lies beyond your youth. Then you become an adult, and you wish you could travel back in time. You wish you could revisit those days of innocence. Those days which were empty of anxiety or disappointments. Those days which were full of hope and trust.
It’s hard to have hope in a country that constantly dashes your hopes and dreams. It hard to believe in a country that has failed you. It’s hard to trust people who constantly lie to your face. It’s hard to be love a country led by selfish humans. Please note that it’s hard, not impossible.
Nigeria has a cancer. This sickness ravages the land, eating away at it, and it slowly fades away. A dark cloud hovers over this land. It’s only a matter of time before it reaches the end point.
How do we save our country? What will it take to get rid of this cancer? By words? No. By actions? Yes.
It’s easier to move through this world passively and pretend everything will be fine. But problems never resolve themselves. It’s easier to put the blame on one person, but in one way or the other, we all share the blame. It is accurate that with the right set of leaders, our country will make waves. But with the right mindset, we can slowly rebuild our country.
We can decide to be the generation who becomes accountable for our actions. We can decide to take the high road. To avoid corruption. We can decide to vote without prejudice or bribery for the right set of leaders. We can choose to fix the wrong, starting with ourselves, then our communities.
We can start small. We can start by disposing garbage the proper way. We can build our own security. We can contribute money to provide for feed and clothe those who cannot provide for themselves. We can choose to treat both the rich and those of a lower class with equal respect. Estate by estate, area by area, community by community, we can do this. If we accomplish this feat, our country will come back to life.
We can participate in politics, not for personal gain but for the interest of our country. We can educate each other on how to build our country. Let the sweat of the past heroes to grant us independence not be in vain. We do not have time to wait for the perfect set of leaders. That day may never come.
There is hope for Nigeria and that hope is with the people. We have not reached the end. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s hold on to each other. Let’s remind ourselves that what this country needs is inside each and every one of us.
In my imaginations, Nigeria is a warm country envied by other countries of the world. It is a land where anything is possible. It is a land overflowing with resources. It brims with foodstuff from pyramids of groundnuts to tubers of yams. It is a land of peace and laughter. It is a land where it is most beautiful and safe when the sun goes down. It is a land that accommodates and protects.
Let us make our imaginations a reality.


  1. Nigerians are blessed with talents, may God continue to give you more wisdom to inspired the societies.

  2. Thank you so much.

    We have not reached the end❤️

  3. Woww this is intriguing. Nice pen.

  4. Beautifully said, change begins with every individual. Lovely piece.

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