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God’s Love To Humanity

Boredom kills an outcast, even gods!

Many more a times without a voice to reckon with,

He became God of the creations

He designed and reclaimed his works

He loves what he made, yes He loves!

Without references, he loves

Whispering words of care and no more tears to his creations


He makes the world a place of free choice!

A swift hand, the passing of choice

A command of Love

Manifesting in darkness to produce great light.

No principle or direction for loving

He just loves haphazardly.

Even as a blameless highpriest, he still symphatise with our infirmities.


Funny! How love died for love

To know love cares soothes the heart

Giving strength to hold on for the feebling in heart.

Refiners fire, who descends to purifies

Just like the wind douses the candle and rouses the wildfire

His love cuddles and chatises too

His abode of love, a reward for the good

Breathe in the very air, he does too.


We show others love, then his kingdom we shall abide,

When his palace of beauty I see,

When he choose noble writers to read out their content of writings

May I not be found wanting at my duty post nor my writings not being fit to soothe the Creator’s sore

Never will I be cast away!

God is love this I know!



  1. God is great

  2. Our God is LOVE personified! We are the ones He loves without limit! Hallelujah!!!
    Thank you for this beautiful write-up dear Oyinkansola. More grace to you in Jesus name ??

  3. Nice write-up dear

  4. Great!!!!!! Go girl!!!!!

    This is amazing…..I wish you best of luck.

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