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Behind the Scene

“I would love to be…” is a popular phrase that precedes the most beautiful imaginative picture of the future profession of any child. But then life happens. For some persons, they achieve their lifelong dreams and become successful in their own practice. While for others, life takes a rocky turn-failures, disappointment, death or loss of a loved one, crash of a business-that possess the capability to extinguish the fire that burned in the heart of their younger selves. Or these disadvantages fan the flames within and destroy stereotypes, eliminate distractions, and overcome mediocrity.


There’s no doubt that being born with a blue blood (coming from a wealthy family) plays a big role in helping privileged people achieve their life goals and becoming successful, but success is not reserved for a selected few.


Anybody can be successful. Anyone. Success is no respecter of class, race, colour, age, or gender. With the right application of its principles, success will gladly sit and dine with such a person in life. No where is it written that people who have left a positive mark in the world today, people who are successful today, ever slept on themselves or worst-case, gave up.


It is easy to slide into self-pity if a person is less-privileged than others in the society. Stuck in mediocre society, people who wallow in self-pity many a time assume that there is an ominous process or a magical spell to attain excellence. Yet, there are no strict rules for becoming successful in whatever endeavour anyone chooses in their lifetime. We can create our wildest imagination, our dreams are valid. All there is to do is simply to follow the principles of success-discipline, consistency, dedication and putting in the work-every other thing falls into wellness.


The very moment you decide to aim for ‘excellence’, avoid wishful thinking, because if wishes were horses, the word ‘beggars’ will not exist (sic). No one successful man or woman hung the fate of their success on the neck of wishful thinking. These people have a track record of working hard, grinding and hustling behind the scenes! The evidence is in recognition of their results in the society, country or worldwide.


Star Wars is one of the most successful movies of all time. The thrill of extraterrestrial creatures fighting against evil, conquering new planets, leaves many people around the globe in anticipation of the release of new episodes. One careful look in the background, out of the sight of the public, is where lies the life of the movie. Not the finished product. Behind the scenes of every success story, you will find long days of constant hard work, determination, practice, consistency and discipline. Overcoming the fear of failure because there definitely will be moments of failure. Taking risks and getting rid of the negative mindset that thinks success is only for lucky people.


Our earth is a massive world of unending possibilities and opportunities. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Irrespective of your clime, dream big. Get behind the scene, put in the work. Reach for more, for there is so much more!

Cheers to your success!



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