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Samantha Oghenefejiro Evumena

Evumena Samantha, born in Sapele, Nigeria, initially dreamed of becoming an artist due to her fascination with art. However, her path led her to pursue medicine at Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife. As a medical student, she walks the aisle of her medical career day by day, driven by her desire to make a difference for humanity.

Reflecting on her journey, Samantha takes pride in her contributions to family and friends. The appreciation she receives from clients after successful deliveries brings her immense joy. Even the smallest achievements matter greatly to her. Beyond medicine, she actively volunteers as a graphics designer at the Precious Fountain Foundation (PFF). Designing projects within tight timeframes has been her greatest challenge.

Samantha’s interests extend beyond medicine and design. She enjoys learning foreign languages, interacting with new people, and lending a helping hand. Honesty is a core value she holds dear. Her favorite quote—“No matter what you’re going through, EAT FIRST! Problem-solving becomes easier when you have sufficient glucose”—guides her resilience.

Inspiration comes from various sources: Jesus Christ, her mother (who watched over her infant head), and the principles instilled through their teachings. Samantha’s journey is shaped by these influences, and she remains steadfast in her pursuit of excellence.