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Peter Latona

Imole Peter Latona, born in Osun State, aspired to shape the aeon of humanity through creativity—crafting, building, and modeling. He holds a B.Pharm degree from OAU. His diverse talents include academic writing, ghostwriting fiction stories, and designing visuals. Currently a Pharmacist intern and a Web3 Blockchain Contributor, he also volunteers at the Precious Fountain Foundation, where he leads the IMSU leadership project.

As a freelancer, Imole seeks to expand his clientele base, complementing his skills to align with advancing niches. Honesty, humility, and nurturing young minds’ creative potentials resonate with him. His favorite quote—“Life’s best enjoyed when enjoyed”—reflects his zest for life. Inspired by Elon Musk, Imole admires Musk’s refusal to be hidebound, allowing his creative muscles to flourish.