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Jesunbo Folasayo Olugbemi

Jesunbo Folasayo Olugbemi, born in Ibadan, is a proud graduate of law (LL.B) from Obafemi Awolowo University (O.A.U) in Ile-Ife. Her legal studies have honed critical and analytical thinking skills, which she finds immensely beneficial. Law’s flexibility allows her to excel in various contexts—an advantage not necessarily shared by other fields of study.

Before joining the Precious Fountain Foundation (PFF), Jesunbo was a shy individual who struggled to speak up. PFF provided the necessary push, enabling her to utilize her skills effectively. Now, she confidently plans events alongside her co-volunteers. As a current Corper serving her country, Jesunbo heads the School Seminars and Outreaches at PFF.

Overcoming the obstacle of speaking up has transformed her life. She thrives on the simple encouragement of “Go.” Beyond her legal pursuits, Jesunbo writes poems, proofreads, and edits. Her interest in the German language adds to her diverse skill set. Notably, she co-led the “PFF Goes To School” project.

Inspired by her friend Stella—a go-getter who holds nothing back—Jesunbo aspires to embody the same fearlessness.