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Gideon Abioye Oyedeji

Gideon Abioye Oyedeji was born in Niger State, Nigeria. Because of the challenges he faced while growing up, especially with the inadequacy of quality education, he grew to develop passion to provide quality education to children especially in rural areas. This informed his pursuit of degrees geared to this end. Apart from bagging a Doctorate Degree in English Language, he has consistently built his professional focus around providing quality education.
Notable amongst these engagements is his acquisition of training on TaRL methodology in Nairobi in 2023. Gideon has been a teacher and loves to provide opportunity to teach and train teachers on best practices in providing quality education. Apart from being a teacher, Gideon sits as a board member of Precious Fountain Foundation where he currently brainstorms with other team members on a project that provides quality education for children in slum settlements and rural areas in Southern- Western Nigeria. Gideon loves to sing and network with people