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What happens after graduation from the Higher Institution of Learning?

Many have considered this statement to be dreadful as a result of the circumstances and conditions that surround their immediate environment or their nation as a whole. Having tackled the difficulties as well as constraints of different shapes and sizes while on Campus, they anticipate a better future and a good life thereafter.
Many times, the scenario presented to them after school punctures their great expectations. This is more evident when the individual in question did not handle his or her school experiences and learning processes appropriately. Particularly, such individual tends to join the list of unemployed or unemployable graduates in the country.
However, such students in this category should not conclude that their after-school experience is a dead end. Rather than sit on their hands and mock their government, they should look away from their present discouraging situation, and prepare themselves to live purposefully. Consequently, they should pick up vital lessons from their previous ordeal and begin to invest their strength to learn. They should learn things that are lawful and beneficial as they find opportunities.
The second category of students in the group portrayed diligence, determination, and dexterity concerning their learning processes through their years on Campus. More often than not, they graduate with flying colours. It is important to state that this is the group of people who decided to stand out and did not bow to examination malpractice. They maintained the original standard placed by the examination governing authorities. In other words, they decided to model the ethics of a standard educational system rather than become helpers and givers during examinations.
More so, it is appalling that a majority seems to be supporting examination malpractice also known as Help Malpractice (H. M). Nevertheless, the undaunted students have scaled through the hurdles without getting stained by any involvement in examination malpractice. At times, such students graduate from school to walk into enviable opportunities which are a reward for their exceptional excellence.
But my focus is on the subgroup within the second category whose future looks blurry in their eyes. I beseech you to follow this Biblical injunction; this is the authority that delivers the best rescue from such anxiety. Keep in step with your Creator and watch Him unveil the hidden, amazing details of your life. Do not be rushing to know everything your life will become; however, this is not equivalent to being lazy. Just rest assured that He has the details of your every move and turn. Or Hello? Do you think that you can become the All-Knowing?
Please understand then that there are particular steps, preordained paths, and peculiar roads to a destination. Therefore, just as every aircraft you board cannot land in Nigeria, so assuming uncoordinated steps, paths, or roads may not lead to your destination. Just like the first category of people, you should take advantage of your youthful strength to learn within and beyond your career scope as you live for a good purpose. It may not look like it as you begin but know that you are preparing yourself for an enviable stature in life, a fruitful future, and an exceptional lifetime.
Certainly, growth takes time, needs focus, and requires patience. So, keep growing, keep submitting to the pieces of training for your equipping in different areas of life, keep making positive investments in your life, and keep striving for depth in proper things. Your seed will surely yield!


  1. Beautiful and well-written

  2. Great! Well articulated, Greater Grace and greater heights in Jesus matchless name Amen

  3. Nice piece

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