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I Can Participate in the Development of my Nation by Becoming a Leader

WRITTEN BY Kareena Jindal


I Can Participate in the Development of my Nation by Becoming a Leader- A Submission by Kareena Jindal

The issue above raised can be answered as: I can Participate in development of my Nation by becoming a Leader.

In contemporary world. the word leader is usually referred as someone who controls or guide or be a part of the Administrative framework to govern the people. But here, by becoming Leader means to help and guide people in their action, like A.P.J. Abdul Kalam said: ‘A teenager proclaims:- I want to do it alone; a young person says:- Let us do it together; but a Leader says:-What can I do for you?[1].

So, we want this kind of attitude to be there in the citizens of our nation, who not just think of their development or how can they achieve excellence in their field or are just there to follow the crowd. But we actually want citizen to become a guiding lamp to other people leading to prosperity of all natives as a whole.

There is also a notion that becoming leader always means to become an Entrepreneur or start a firm, rather than being in the conventional path of becoming an employ of some. I think a person can be Leader in both the ways, where people do their work with utmost sincerity; but during that process if they would also consider the needs of other people or guide them, like a senior employee guiding its junior. So, this mutual collaboration among people for doing best in their respective work, would automatically lead to progress of nation as a whole.

Leadership can also be done by creating opportunities for those who actually need it, like when people start an NGO, a literate person teaching the population basic words for their daily use, or by starting a Blog which become a source to spread information or bring new opportunities.

I would like to take the example to explain the above of a Company or an MNC. Now, these companies have so many employees working for them, in the way of the people in the office, goods supplier, creditors, other Stakeholders, etc. Now, as according to law these company fulfil the interest of the employees by giving them remunerations, and for the other stakeholders, there is a concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which means to cater the interest of those who got effected by the working of company indirectly. E.g., the pollution caused by company, harming its neighbors, for which they need to be compensated by the company. But in reality, these Corporations rather than giving these allocated funds to the aggrieved people, instead, spend this money on by giving to those institutions or invest in urban places, where this money is not even needed; and it is usually done just to show the amount spend on CSR of the balance sheet in the General Meeting. So, instead of doing the above practice, the company actually uses this money for the development of people though other ways like, by building school or a health centre in a Village where it is in scarcity; or by cleaning the environment or planting tree. These activities ultimately lead to development of the nation as a whole.

The above-mentioned examples are just few ways by which a person can cater to the development of the Nation. But it for sure that if all the citizen of a country, would work the best and with utmost sincerity in their respective sectors like Agriculture, Manufacturing and Service, which results in development of all the sectors a country, as otherwise growth in only one sector wouldn’t facilitate overall development of a country.

Thus, there need to be development of all the citizens irrespective of their demographic status (urban/rural), and improvement of their education, health and employment; would lead to DEVELOPMENT of the NATION.

[1] A.P.J Abdul Kalam | ‘Indomitable Spirit’ | Rajpal & Sons | 2010 | p.53

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