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How Can I Participate In The Development Of My Nation

WRITTEN BY Precious Chiamaka


How Can I Participate In The Development Of My Nation – a submission by Precious Chiamaka

Nigeria has moved from an underdeveloped nation to a developing nation. But we seem to be stuck at this level, struggling to make progress to become a developed nation. We have about 63% of the Nigerian population living in poverty according to National Bureau of Statistics. We have about 37% of Nigerians who are unemployed according to the Nigerian Economic Summit. The death rate in Nigeria keeps increasing due to poor health care and emergency service. All these are signposts that show there are still a lot of work that need to be done. Hence, the need for all hands to be on deck in playing their individual role for the development and advancement of the country. As a student and as someone who believes things can get better in this country, I have a part to play in the development of my nation. And I’ll be explaining them below.

    I may not have all the funds to correct certain problems in my country, but I can volunteer to organizations who are already doing so. I can volunteer my skills, time and money to them. For my skills, I can offer my writing and graphics design skills to help advertise whatever project they are having so they can connect with people who are willing to support them financially. For my time, I can join them physically to help out in any assistance they may need in making their project a success. For my money, yes I may not have the millions now, but if I give the little I have and others also do the same, it will all sum up to become something big. which will contribute to making their project a success.

    Another way I can participate in the development of my nation is to create a personal impact project targeting any of the problems my country is facing. Stopping the ship from sinking may not fully be in my power but I can seal up the holes with one project at a time. Rather than waste money doing birthday showers and parties, I can use the money to pay a child’s school fees, purchase stationery for children in rural areas or even buy food items and clothing and share it to children on the street. I can also purchase sanitary towels and distribute them to girls in any public school around me. There are just so many things I can do on my own and to be honest, I’ve started doing some already.

    Also, I can contribute to the development of my nation by taking advantage of the power of social media to create change. According to Statista, Nigeria has about 32.9 million active social media users, this makes social media an easy platform to share information and create awareness. Through social media, I can create awareness on the importance of digital skills and how it can benefit the youth in terms of becoming self employed. This awareness can in no small way help to reduce the percentage of unemployed people in the country. I can also create awareness on the negative effect of gender inequality and why we need to see ourselves as being equal or the danger of female genital mutilation and the need for NGOs to start channeling their project in that direction.

    In conclusion, If I put in my little effort to bring development to my nation and every other person also do the same, in less time our little drop of water will sum up to make a mighty ocean that can bring about massive and tremendous transformation.

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