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WRITTEN BY Sandra Samuel Bossan



The fields are cracked, the rivers are drying, the temperature overpowering and the people are hopeless. Frustrated families sit outside their homes to take in a bit of fresh air but the scorching heat drives them back inside. Joblessness, vexatious and worrisome needs, low power supply and ravaging epidemics paint the true image of my beloved country, Nigeria.
I am a young girl who still has dreams of a utopian Nigeria. I dream of a society where systems work out duly. But seeing the opposite of what I still expect breaks my heart. How can I help my people? How can my country be developed and most importantly, how can I participate in the development of my nation?
The Nigerian National Banking Bureau of Statistics according to the 2022 Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) survey states that 63% of Nigerians are multidimensionally poor. Sadly, this is quite ironic in a country that is said to be the giant of Africa, blessed with diverse mineral resources and fertile vegetation.
Many households cannot afford three square meals a day, not to speak of a balanced diet. Many homes do not even have direct links with state water agencies. True, various non-governmental organisations have set up boreholes in strategic areas of some localities, but that is as far as it goes. Most of these boreholes are currently non-functional. Once they develope any fault, they are abandoned.
Environmental sanitation and hygiene is another great area of concern for me. The environment is such that dirt is thrown in any available public space. Household dirt is thrown on the street and when it rains, dirt gets transferred to many unwanted places. Open defecation is yet another social menace. Diseases like cholera easily get transferred as a result of this unhygienic habit.
It is said that children are the leaders of tomorrow. However, it is very disturbing for me as a child to see many children out of school due to poverty and those who are in school do not have access to good education. All these make children potential instruments in the hands of evil people. Sadly, this points to a shaky tomorrow for our nation. The government and our entire education system clearly are not giving their best.
Governmental and non-governmental agencies have been taking actions to improve the condition in Nigeria and I want to be part of this! My first step towards making a change in my environment will be signing up as a volunteer at Precious Fountain Foundation. Education is very important to ensure the growth of any nation and being a volunteer at PFF will help me to contribute to the educational needs of Nigeria and in extension reducing the poverty and joblessness level in years to come.
Next, I will work with eco-friendly groups as this will help me to efficiently engage in afforestation exercises. I will help to organise residents of various streets, create awareness about the dangers of poor living conditions and lead them in cleaning up which will pave the way for a clean and healthy Nigeria.
After I have gained experience, I will start up my own non-governmental organisation to enable me to contribute and fulfill my dreams of having a well-developed and sane society. I strongly believe that this will spark up the interest of many other young people who will then be motivated to be partakers of this worthy cause. I will organize campaigns to raise funds that will be used to propel the ideas I want to propagate. For example, paying the fees of out-of-school children, planting trees, and buying cleaning equipment. I will lend my voice to the citizens of Nigeria and speak about the things which the government should do for Nigerians. I will also organise prayer bands that will travail to bring forth a new Nigeria.
My nation is deep in the pit of underdevelopment but I am a strong believer that we can get to where we deserve to be, at the top of nations. My participation and that of others will produce a great nation, a developed Nigeria and an envious Giant of Africa!

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